2022 – “2022 – “the Epoch of the People with Arkadag”


The purpose of the supply is to ensure the timely and uninterrupted supply of all raw materials, tools necessary for the implementation of the State Plan and additional orders of the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex, as well as workwear and household goods. The complex of factories includes a wide range of chemicals, specialized spare parts, measuring instruments, iron and steel products, electrical and household goods, domestic and foreign goods and other household goods for the normal operation of huge production facilities for the production of crude oil and petroleum products supplied from trade enterprises within the country.

Production plans, plans for technological and repair work are being prepared for the supply of goods and products necessary for production. The complex of plants includes production facilities for oil refining, a wide range of chemicals for recycling plants, high and medium pressure equipment, pumps, various types of iron and steel products, instrumentation and accessories, as well as auxiliary equipment.

Also, international competitions are held annually to select contractors and suppliers for the production needs of the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex in accordance with the current legislation of Turkmenistan on the purchase and supply of products and goods of foreign manufacturers.

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